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Stuff happens, right?

I don’t cook very often. It’s far more likely that I’ll ready something largely pre-packaged, or order in. Still, I do make something from time to time, though not often enough to really know what I’m doing, it seems.

This afternoon I noted a can of Coke on my kitchen counter. Thinking it was empty, I picked it up to deposit it into the recycling. It was heavier than an empty can. Not empty. I swished it around and it felt about ¼ full. I must have topped up a glass that I’d only partially drained.

Not wanting to let any of the precious elixer go to waste, I found my glass and started pouring. The goo that came out of the can was certainly not Coke!

Then it all clicked into place. I made tacos last night. What I was pouring was the grease I’d spooned into the can after browning the ground chicken. Strange that it hadn’t solidified. So in an attempt not to waste a small amount, I’d wasted a much larger amount.

Ah well, this too shall pass…


I think it’s the pants


Skate away


  1. Jessica

    See? You can have me over for dinner sometime and make delicious tacos! mmm Then maybe we can watch an Alan Smithee movie.

  2. And I can offer you a delicious glass of fat!

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