Stuff happens, right?

I don’t cook very often. It’s far more likely that I’ll ready something largely pre-packaged, or order in. Still, I do make something from time to time, though not often enough to really know what I’m doing, it seems.

This afternoon I noted a can of Coke on my kitchen counter. Thinking it was empty, I picked it up to deposit it into the recycling. It was heavier than an empty can. Not empty. I swished it around and it felt about ¼ full. I must have topped up a glass that I’d only partially drained.

Not wanting to let any of the precious elixer go to waste, I found my glass and started pouring. The goo that came out of the can was certainly not Coke!

Then it all clicked into place. I made tacos last night. What I was pouring was the grease I’d spooned into the can after browning the ground chicken. Strange that it hadn’t solidified. So in an attempt not to waste a small amount, I’d wasted a much larger amount.

Ah well, this too shall pass…

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