Block walk

I’ve been walking a lot more lately. I’m no power-walker, but I’ve been getting out for a spirited round-the-block walk perhaps three days a week. Why? I’m not entirely sure.

I suspect part of it is to vent frustration. Walking might not seem very effective at this, but it works for me. It’s a change of scenery, and it’s exercise. With exercise comes endorphins and they really do change my mood. Today I did 20 minutes on the machine, two sets with my free-weights, and a 30 minute walk around the block. Good day.

Let me put this into perspective. I don’t live on a normal city block. The distance around my block is 2.22 kilometres (1.38 miles). No it’s not that far, but walking it quickly makes for a nice half-hour out.

Today it was a little different, however. The distance hadn’t changed, but the weather did. It was −17° with 40 km/h winds, resulting in a wind chill of −30° (1.4°F, 25 mph, and −22°F, respectively). You bet I dressed for it! This walk was the season debut of my toque and long underwear. Drafting them into service seemed prudent as I’m still not used to the cold.

The weirdest part is I really do like getting out in weather like this. Don’t ask…I don’t know why.

Thank you!

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  1. I also enjoy walking in the cold and snow. It is invigorating in a way (even though it can be tiring). Also to me it seems the snow sometimes has a dampening effect and everything seems a bit muted and more peaceful.

    Of course I live in Southern CT – so it is not nearly as cold and there is much less snow than up your way.

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