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Most of us work for a living and we receive a set amount of money after taxes. We choose what to do with the remainder. Typically, rent/mortgage, utilities, and food are among the expenses that we make sure get paid. After those priorities come others. Regardless of our own specific priorities, we all prioritize and make sure the things we require are covered while also trying to make room for the things we want.

Similarly, we have a certain amount of emotional energy available to us. Overspend, deny those close to us, or expend too much on those who are not interested, and you’ll find youself in just as bad a place as if you don’t pay your rent or have no money left for food. The sooner you learn to see when others aren’t interested, the better.





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  1. Jessica

    Ooh, heavy thoughts for Boxing Day, my dear! I hope you are budgeting your family time well and enjoying all the good stuff that being surrounded by family brings. And a safe drive home to you too!

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