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It’s just a phase

You know what I hate? I hate when I sit down to watch a program, only to discover that the stereo audio signal is being broadcast out of phase. Talk about distracting!

Should I call the cable company? Yea, definitely not. It happens that they sometimes rebroadcast a station with only one of the stereo channels functioning. I once tried to call about it and the rep couldn’t understand what I meant. If they can’t understand “the sound is only coming from the left speaker,” do I have a hope in hell of then getting “the phase of one channel is offset 180° resulting on the bass cancelling itself out completely and the rest of the signal sounding like it’s coming from behind me!”?

Not likely. Damned Rogers.


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Dear Mr. Harper


  1. Shawn

    Welcome to the lack of broadcast standards. I bet they were never updated to mandate quality stereo.

  2. Brett

    I’ve had dvd’s years ago when channels were reversed.

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