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Spam: The Next Generation

According to USA Today,

[Toyota] announced Wednesday that new Lexus vehicles will start being delivered later this year with a system that includes capability for voice messages sent directly from the automaker to its drivers.

Called Lexus Insider, the service will let Lexus send audio messages to participating owners on whatever subject it chooses, from tips on making the best use of the vehicles’ features to suggestions for a scenic drive.

Toyota officials promise to be discerning and restrained.

“We’re not going to barrage customers with marketing messages,” vows Jon Bucci, vice president of Toyota’s U.S. advanced technology unit.

You know what this means, of course. They’re going to barrage customers with marketing messages. The article states these messages can be three minutes long. Interrupt me for that length of time once a day and I’ll consider it a barrage.

Having my CD automatically muted so I can hear their audio spam would quickly sour me on the money I spent for the car. If there’s no way to completely disable this ‘feature,’ Lexus is in for a world of hurt, in both customer backlash, and reduced sales. Heck, having to go to the trouble of disabling a feature they don’t want will irk many customers, and rightly so!


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  1. Brett

    Great, another voice besides the passenger/radio/cell phone.

    Remember back when Chryslers would tell you if “Your door is ajar”? Even as a verbal alarm — it was annoying as hell.

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