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Who knew?

I was watching television and saw a very short ad. Let me reproduce the entirety of the spoken text:

McCain SuperFries. Made with the goodness of potatoes.

What demographic are they after that feel it necessary to explain what french fries are made of? And what else might this demographic think they’re made of?!


One-hundred things


VW diesel refuel #34


  1. Shawn

    We seem to go through phases where the advertisers think we are all total morons. Like tide 2X is two time concentrated, Duh. and then the go on to say for more cleaning power. No, it means I use 1/2 as much! Or that cold cuts in a wrap are leaner than the same meat on a bun. Ya, the bun has more fat, give me a break. As we go through this current state of greener, organic, leaner and costs less, expect a whole lot more BS to spew forward.

  2. Jonathan

    patronization, made with the goodness of obvious

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