It’s done. I’ve cancelled my cable.

The call strengthened my resolve. First, they’ve got that bone-headed voice recognition system routing the called. It asked me what I wanted. I said, “cancel cable.” It replied, “Let me connect you with someone who can help.” A moment later I was talking with a guy who asked my name, and then asked what he could do for me. I explained that I wanted to cancel my cable service. Silence. “I’ll have to transfer you to our customer relations department.” So much for the robots transferring me to someone who could help.

This time, the wait was longer, but not terribly. The rep who answered asked my my name again. Seriously, the information the first guy harvested should follow my call. Do they have a bunch of operators plugging in wires to transfer calls over there? They have improved though. Not very long ago, you’d be prompted to enter your phone number as soon as you call them. Then, when you were transferred to a human, the first thing they’d ask is your phone number. Ridiculous!

I gave my name, address, and postal code. She asked how she could help. Cancel my cable, I said! She asked if she could ask why, just as I expected she would. I didn’t get into how Rogers wouldn’t know customer service if it bit the company in the ass. I just said I didn’t watch enough TV and the coming rate increase tipped the balance. She immediately offered me a $5/month discount for the next year. I said politely declined.

She explained that they require 30 days notice, which I knew. My service will be officially terminated on March 26, though it’s possible the installer will not be out this way on that date. My cable service could continue for up to ten days afterwards, but I will not be responsible for paying for it. I was depending on the 30 day buffer because I need to get an antenna.

Future Shop offer a small selection ranging from $20 to $80. I wouldn’t call $80 cheap but it’s a steal considering a mere three months of cable would pay for it, with $10 to spare. I’ll see what’s available and I look forward to pocketing $30/month, thank you very much!