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I came home to find a note on my door. The important part said,

Need access to be sure hi-speed is working. Pls call xxx-xxxx if your modem DSL light is not on when you plug in.

I was not pleased. My super had permission to let the tech in as long as he didn’t leave him alone in my apartment. I imagine that the tech arrived, my super let him into the building and showed him to the demarcation point. He asked the tech if he needed access to my apartment and the tech said no. At least that’s what I suspect.

And as it would happen, I did indeed get a DSL indicator when I turned the modem on. The problem was that I was not getting an IP address so I had no connection. I believe there were two causes. First, the NCF is quick to point out that your connection can be enabled as late as 10 p.m. on the activation date. Second, they told me I’d have the same user ID and password, though the automated message I received included a different password.

About an hour after I first tried to make the connection, I tried again. It failed. I tried the new password…the password I shouldn’t need because they were going to keep my old one, and it worked. Here I am.

All is well, but for one thing. My connection is less than ¼ the speed it used to be. I max out at about 1.1 Mb/s while it used to be 4.8 Mb/s before this change. I’m using the same modem, I’m in the same apartment in the same building, so the only change is whatever adjustment was made at the demarcation point. I suspect a tech will be returning sometime soon because this speed isn’t acceptable. If they offered to bill me a ¼ the amount I was paying, we’d be on to something!

Still though, I’m connected. We’ll get the speed issue sorted out later.


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  1. Shawn

    This is the very reason why I refuse to go back to DSL. First you have to deal with the ISP, then they have to deal with Bell. Too many cooks in the kitchen. While Rogers is more expensive, at least it is a one stop shop. Oh, did I mention I HATE Bell.

  2. I’m starting to come around to your point of view, Shawn. The NCF has promised to call me back today to see how it went, and if they do, I dread what they’re going to suggest to get this speed problem diagnosed. Presumably, a Bell tech is going to have to come out again. Who’s going to pay for it? It sure as hell won’t be me.

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