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I’m not dead yet!

I’m surprised to see that, with the exception of my fuel status post, I haven’t written in a week. Surely that’s a record since my switching to WordPress. Rest assured that I am well. Well again. You see, I came down with the flu.

I first felt it Friday at lunch. I went to the mall and the symptoms started to make themselves known as I drove there. By the time I left, I was obviously sick. It happened that quickly. On a subsequent day, I woke up at about 10 a.m. and watched a few hours of television. I went back to bed until about 5 p.m. and watched some more television. I then turned in for the night at 10 p.m. or so. For me sleep so much, and even not remember which day it was, means I was really out of it. I haven’t been this ill in years.

I don’t think a single day passed in which I didn’t check my e‑mail, but over the weekend, that’s all I did. I checked once. No replies. No web. No nothing. See? Really sick!

Happily, a couple of friends dropped by with supplies so not only did I not have to brave the cold weather for juice, but I also wasn’t completely starved for human contact either. Thank you, both of you!

The flu is on its way out now. Barring unforeseen problems, I’m going to work tomorrow. I may be a bit slow, but for the first time this week, I think it’ll do more good than harm. Here’s hoping.


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  1. Dee

    Ugh — being sick sucks! Glad you were able to have people bring you supplies and that you are starting to feel better.

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