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Drystone Wall

Body by Pininfarina

Behold, the Ferrari F430:

Going for a mere $198,292, the F430 is the entry level Ferrari. It’s doesn’t have the style or sexiness of the 599 GTB, but it’s only 60% the cost of the 599 GTB. And despite this deep discount, it’ll still get you to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds.

What strikes me is the styling. The car’s not moving in the photo. There’s no driver! There’s no motion-blur trickery to make it look fast, and yet it looks like a tightly coiled spring. If you blink, it might disappear in a puff of tire smoke. Not only does it look fast, but it looks like it wants to go fast.

That’s appealing design.


In the cloud


Those nutty politicos

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  1. Shawn

    i looked at the photo and had the same feeling and then ready what you wrote and you are so correct. I think it has to do with the backdrop. notice the shadow of the car and the light grey blob at the windshield. they give the impression of moving fast.

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