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The CBC ran a news story about the current G20 meeting and this gem turned up in the comments:

Socialism is and always has been the most efficient system. Its purpose is to avoid having stupid rich people making the rest of us poor

Seriously, what planet is the writer from? There’s so much wrong with this statement that I can’t see anything right.


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  1. _don

    Well it is the most efficient…on paper. In practice, it just doesn’t work. The evidence is on the other side of the globe.

  2. Agreed, Don. It’s a fatal error to ignore human nature when proposing the best way to structure a human society.

  3. Jonathan

    Socialism is alive and well in Scandinavia, it is quite different from communism which does only work on paper and ignores human nature to its detriment.


    Socialism = Sweden

    Communism = Russia

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