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Is GM from an alternate universe?

I’ve read that GM is going to close the Pontiac division entirely by 2010. At the same time, they’re keeping Buick. Buick!

While it is true that many Pontiac models were clones of Chevrolet cars, there has also been a heck of a lot more interesting sheet metal from Pontiac as compared to Buick. Look at the Solstice. It’s no game-changer, but what’s come from Buick that’s even as remotely interesting? The Reatta? The Lucerne? Please.

No wonder GM and the domestic auto-makers are in such trouble. Are they really so clueless about what people want?


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  1. Shawn

    Buick is a HUGE seller in China and that is what is sustaining the brand. But i agree GM is out of their mind. I read an editorial that stated GM is just a big pension and health care fund that services past and present employees and happens to build cars on the side. You can thank the unions for that. No wonder they have no clue on what to build…

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