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Drystone Wall


My parents and me. I’m somewhere in the 1½-2½ year-old range.

Photos like this one feel like they’re from some alternate reality. I clearly recognize my folks, but I don’t ever remember them looking this way. They’re not the same people I know. In the photo, my father is also perhaps two years older than I am now, which also is weird for me to imagine.

We think we know everything, but there’s far more to who our parents are than we’ll ever realize.




Rain approaches


  1. Cathy

    You are not the age you think!.… you are more like about 9 or 10 months old! Believe me, I was there! 🙂


  2. Ryan

    Could you look any more like a combination of your parents in that photo if you tried?

    That’s a very furry snowsuit.

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