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The latest Saturn V

The Saturn V rocket was the launch vehicle for the Apollo program. It’s the rocket that took men to the moon. The rocket was as tall as a 36-story building and generated 7.5 million pounds of thrust. The last one launched Skylab into orbit in 1973.

But a new Saturn V launched in April.

Steve Eves built a 1/10 scale model of the Saturn V. It was 11 metres (36 feet) tall and weighed 725 kilograms (1600 pounds). The non-reusable rockets, nine of them, that powered the model cost $13000 and generated 8000 pounds of thrust. They’d last only ten seconds once ignited.

And the best part? It launched perfectly. Check out the YouTube video.

It launched and reached an apogee of 1000 – 1220 metres (3000 – 4000 feet) where it pitched over and released parachutes to bring it back safely to the ground. From launch to touch-down, the spectacle lasted less than three minutes.

Eves now holds the world record for the largest model rocket launch.


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  1. Jonathan

    Not seen in that particular video is the first stage (biggest section) of the rocket, after parachuting back to earth, coming to rest standing up as if ready for another launch!

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