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I question whether Canada Post really understands why customers what the ability to track packages.

On Friday, I ordered a few bits and pieces from Save and Replay for my ongoing antenna project. They ship using Canada Post express so it takes a few days and provides the ability to track the shipment. The shipment arrived today.

Canada Post’s tracking page has two entries for this shipment. The first was entered on Friday, and it says, “Item processed at postal facility.” The second was entered today and it says, “Item out for delivery.” They might as well simplify the listings to say, “Sent” and “Received” and leave it at that.


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  1. Shawn

    Their tracking is not worth the electrons needed to display it. Better yet, ask for an email confirmation. It will be sent to you two days after you get the package telling you it was delivered. I could write a book on how bad Canada post is. Did you know that if you ship something in the US by our equivalent of ExperssPost, they can guarantee delivery to places like Japan and Australia, but not to Canada.

    Don’t get me started!!!!

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