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Typo or not?

I was watching CBC News: Ottawa this evening. I try to avoid any local CTV programming these days and the CBC comes in on a nice clean digital signal.

The host, Lucy van Oldenbarneveld, was reporting on the five militant attacks that occurred today in three Pakistani cities. I looked at the graphic insert and saw something I wasn’t expecting. Check it out for yourself:

Umm, Pakisatan? I thought it was certainly a typo. But I’m not eager to make a fool out of myself, so I looked it up. I thought it might be a province in the area or something like that.

I still don’t know. Google shows more than 50,000 hits for Pakisatan, though it does ask if you mean Pakistan. If you search for Pakisatan in Wikipedia, it takes you directly to Pakistan. I thought it could be an alternate spelling, perhaps in a different language. My searching was inconclusive. What bothers me the most is that where Pakisatan is used, it seems deliberate. Still, for the 50,000 hits in Google, Pakistan returns 170 million hits. If you know something, please do share!

I’d much prefer it be a typo so I can be amused without hesitation.


GM, why can’t you be straight with us?


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  1. Des

    50,000 minions can’t be wrong 🙂

  2. Jessica

    Maybe it’s subliminal – the person who puts the text on the graphic is anti-Pakistan and wants people to associate it with Satan!

  3. Jonathan

    I feel sorry for satan being needlessly dragged into syntax problems.

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