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I feel that I must be careful. I was sick a couple of weeks ago. It was a two-day work-week followed by five days of being sick. I’m better now. Mostly.

On Friday afternoon, I started getting that sick feeling in my head. I ate well and slept for twelve hours that night. Saturday, I woke up feeling much better. Even today, I feel like it could come back. I don’t feel any symptoms, but it seems like it’s just under the radar, ready to strike if I slip up and fail to take proper care of myself.

It’s going to be an early evening tonight. I can’t afford any more time off work. Take care of yourself, too.


Fall driveway




  1. _don

    You, know, I’ve been feeling that way all last week and again today. That edge of somethings coming on. But at home I feel fine. I’m beginning to wonder if its the office.

  2. Shawn

    Whatever bugs are going around, they seem to drag on for weeks. A lot of friends are saying the same thing.

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