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Wait staff peeves

I don’t like it when the server refers to a group of men and women at her table as ‘guys.’ Typically, she’ll say, “Thanks guys!” as she delivers the bill. And I deliberately refer to a female server because I’ve only ever heard women do this.

I don’t like it when I thank the server and he or she replies, “No problem!” I didn’t thank you for a favour. I thanked you the service you provided as part of a business arrangement. If you think it was a favour, I don’t have to tip you, right? Yea, I thought so.

I’m not one of those people who need to have everything just right. Far from it, in fact. But that said, these two things really bug me.


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  1. Jessica

    That “No problem” thing has been brought to my attention in another context as well. There is someone in my life who has some mental instabilities, and another person told me that she had read that if you reply “No problem” when such a person thanks you for something, the implication is “Oh, no need to thank me; I didn’t go out of my way to help you or anything.” This is not the message you want to give someone who has self-esteem issues! Actually, it’s not a message you want to give to anyone, really. So now when someone thanks me, I say “You’re welcome” or “It was my pleasure.” This acknowledges that you did solmething nice for that person, and that they were worth the effort.

  2. _don

    I still recall when I was in the States — somewhere in Ohio — and whenever we asked for another drink or said “thanks”, her response was “uh-huh”. Now, I don’t know if that was her mood, a local way to respond or her general indifference, but I find it amusing.

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