Monopoly heresy

According to Pocket Lint, a 75th anniversary edition of Monopoly is soon to be released. The part that I find most surprising is the game will be unrecognizable. The board will be round!

You see no cash in the photo because there isn’t any. Each player gets a credit card and all transactions are made through the electronic banker shown at the centre of the board. I can deal with no cash, but the change in the board is a bit much for me.

I’m uncertain if this new edition will replace the old one, or if it’s just a limited edition released for the game’s 75th anniversary. If it’s the former, I’ll want to get a new copy of the current edition before it’s replaced!

Hat tip and photo credit: Pocket Lint.

3 thoughts to “Monopoly heresy”

  1. It also bugs me that the player figures, the dog, thimble, car, ship, etc. are no longer actual figures. They’re just outlines on identical plastic figures. Booooo!

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