Here was the answer to my previous message:

I do want to apologize for any inconvenience caused by receiving mailings from Rogers that you are not requesting.

With respect to the Do No Contact List, this would only cease mailings coming in your name to your address. At this time it would not stop general mailings such as addressed to Resident or Occupant.

If you are receiving mailings that do not have an address on them from Rogers, the only way that these can be stopped is to contact Canada Post and make a request to have mass mailers stopped from being delivered to your home.

It’s Darren to the rescue! He tells me that the Do Not Contact list doesn’t apply, and then suggests a solution to a different problem that I do not have. Yay support!

As I mentioned last time, things started to get off-track so I tried to bring it back in my reply:

I appreciate your apology, but I’d much rather the mailings be stopped.

The ‘No Contact List’ doesn’t apply because the items are not sent to me by name. Privacy legislation is similarly not applicable. I have already signed up with Canada Post for the program you mentioned and get no mass-mailings.

We seem to have gotten a little off topic, though. I wrote to ask that these addressed ‘Resident’ mailings to me be stopped. You’ve apologized for them, but will you stop them as I’ve requested? Please?

Much better. A simple request. Please stop the mailings. There’s not much wiggle room there. The answer was much quicker to this message:

Unfortunately we are not able to stop the “Resident” mailings from being sent as these are general mailings that are sent to various address throughout the Rogers service area. The opt-out lists do not apply to general mailings

Yep, you read that right. They’re unable to stop their own mailings. It’s not an off the wall request. Hell, even Bell Canada managed to do it when I asked. And of course they could. Ads are meant to get people to sign up. Ads cost money. Therefore, when someone asks you to stop sending them ads, you stop. Why? Because when you refuse, you remind your potential customer that you don’t give a shit about them and you won’t lift a finger for them. You prove to them that you don’t have any idea what customer service is, and that you certainly don’t provide it. Every ad they receive serves as a reminder of this, driving them further and further away from you. And every time, you’re paying for the privilege of driving them away from you and to your competitors.

In that light, every ad I receive is cause for renewed amusement. I do try to look at the positive aspects of any situation.