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What a weekend

I was told that I need a root canal. I was surprised to discover that it would cost me perhaps $1800 after my medical coverage cushioned the blow. For goodness sakes, I thought the disdain for them was because of the physical pain, not the financial. As a result, I waffled over getting it done. I had two cleanings during the time I waffled, and both times they asked me, “doesn’t it hurt?” with more than a little incredulity. It didn’t. Not in the least.

I didn’t want it to start hurting so I thought I’d better get the damned thing taken care of. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) the troublesome tooth is in the very back of my mouth and I thought perhaps I might just have it removed entirely. I don’t want to make a habit of doing this every time a tooth needs work, but given the tooth’s position, perhaps this time an extraction would be acceptable.

I decided it was. I went in on Friday to have it removed.

I’ve had my wisdom teeth out. All four of them at once, while I was under only a general anaesthetic. Yes, that was bad. But because this was just one, I dramatically underestimated how bad it would be. Happily, Lori agreed to drive me home from the appointment. And a good thing too. I wasn’t prepared with the proper supplies, and having my prescriptions filled would’ve been quite a labour without her help.

So there I was at home after the procedure. The anaesthetic started to wear off and I could feel the pain coming. Happily, they’d prescribed me Tylenol 3 for the pain. It worked pretty well and I wasn’t terribly uncomfortable. I kept up with the Tylenol 3 and soon learned that I was giving it too much credit. By the time bedtime came, I felt no pain at all. None! I dutifully took another dose and went to bed, dreading the pain that I’d feel upon waking. But there was none. I woke up nearly 12 hours later and felt no pain. My jaw wasn’t numb and I did feel discomfort if I poked at my cheek, but the pain was gone. How can that be, less than 24 hours after having a tooth removed and six stitches to close the opening? I don’t know but the pain hasn’t returned.

While I wasn’t wracked with pain, my weekend was very sedate. I didn’t leave my apartment. I was largely parked in front of the television. Under the circumstances, I do not believe this was a bad thing at all.

There’s more to the story but it’s getting late and after that 12 hour sleep, my timetable has shifted forward. I’m hoping to get a good night’s rest before work tomorrow but I’m not sure it’s going to happen. I’m not allowed to have any alcohol so I glass of wine before bed is not an option. I’ll just have to do my best.

More to come.




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  1. Cathy

    After my root canal (done by a specialist because my dentist was not *special* enough) and a double bridge, and having my own and my husband’s insurance.…. still had to pay $2,700.00+.!! Yikes. I feel for you. It’s not easy but I found regular tylenol was sufficient.

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