Short shorts

Santa was good to me this year. Among the more unusual gifts was this copy of GQ he left in my stocking:

Magazines are a rare treat these days. They’re so expensive for what you get that I rarely buy them anymore. Half-naked Rihanna is also a rare treat.

What I found most bizarre was in the blurb about the cover photograph:

Leather shorts, $4139, by Balmain.

Yea, that’s just the first sentence of a paragraph of information, but I pretty much stopped there … because a quick skim revealed no subsequent pricing information. Over four thousand dollars for a pair of shorts? And she can’t even bother to do them up? I suppose you can do whatever the hell you want if you can afford to spend four thousand dollars on a pair of very short shorts.

If I ever see a topless woman in a pair of shorts that cost enough to buy a used car, my words will be simple: “Step out of the shorts, put your hands up, and move toward me, slowly.”

GQ Magazine ©2010 Condé Nast Publications.

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