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The bad news is that the CRTC has decided that they will allow television stations to negotiate the price satellite and cable companies will have to pay to carry their signals. The satellite and cable companies claim that this is outside the CRTC’s jurisdiction, however. To prevent any trouble down the road, the CRTC has kicked the matter up to the Federal Court of Appeal before doing anything else, to make sure.

If the court gives them the nod, expect drama. The stations will name a high price. The satellite and cable companies will refuse. They’ll eventually come to an agreement, but the CRTC decision allows stations to withhold their signals if the negotiations reach an impasse. Your cable or satellite company will pass the increase along to you, and you may find some of your shows missing while they fight it out.

The good news is that it’s March. In October, I wrote about my purchase of two television antennas, saying

The point at which my not having cable will pay for this equipment has moved to mid-March, 2010.

From here, it’s all free! Whoop!


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  1. Jessica

    Maybe I should calculate all the money I’ve saved by never having cable or satellite! Nah, then I’ll just wonder where it all went.…

  2. Shawn

    I still don’t get it. Look at CTV Ottawa. It has to broadcast over the air. I can get it just like you do via antenna if needed. So if they cut off the signal to Rogers, and I can still get it for free, how will the network make more money?

    • Rick

      The only thing I can figure is that many people either get crappy over-the-air reception, or are entirely outside the broadcast area, and cable/satellite are their only choices. Those in the cities have the option of an antenna, but peoples’ laziness works in the stations’ favour. Will people actually expend the effort to get an antenna? Some will but I imagine most will not.

      I’d love to see what would happen if the stations withheld their signals. Antennas would fly off the shelves.

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