Starbucks sittin'

I’m in Starbucks taking a load off. Books are in my future but I need a brief respite with a Jones┬áSoda and a cookie before I go over to the adjoining Chapters. The thing is, this snack costs a mere $3.78, and given how busy this place is, I had to hover for a time before I managed to snag a seat.

So here I am at a small two-seat table. I’m alone but because I see others hovering, a small part of me feels guilty for taking up more space than I need. There are no single seats available and I certainly do not feel guilty enough to get up.

I bought some of the wares so I’m entitled to a seat for a time. Done and done!

The woman sitting at the next table is doing me a big favour and she doesn’t even know it. She came in after me, plopped herself down at a four-seat table. She pulled out her crocheting, and put her purse on one of the chairs. Notice how I didn’t mention and food or drink?

And to think that I felt guilty! It’s not my place to judge, but I wouldn’t think of doing such a thing. She could be waiting for friend, and perhaps when they arrive, they’ll all get coffee. I don’t know. But I do know that even in those circumstances, I wouldn’t sit until I bought something, unless the place was empty.

Different strokes. We all have different thresholds.

Later: Nearly a half-hour later, a friend did show up to meet the woman.

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