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I’m in the wrong line of work!

I logged into one of my banks today and noted a message explaining that some charges would be changing in June. I followed the link, fully expecting to see increases across the board. I was wrong. They’re reducing a few fees. A few … and they put those ones right up front, too.

I noted that my credit card interest rate is increasing from 11.90% to 11.99%. Seriously? It’s not a big change, but I wonder what they would say if you asked them why. That the interest rates are climbing? That’s true, but when the rates fell, the credit card interest rate didn’t fall. When I got the card, the rate was 8% and it’s never gone down. I’m not terribly upset about this latest increase because since paying it off in August, I’ve used it exactly twice, and both times I paid the balance upon receiving the bill. I’ll be cancelling the card in the next year and they’ll certainly get no interest out of me in the meantime.

My primary bank doesn’t offer a fixed low-rate card so my card with them is currently at 19.75%. I was initially uncomfortable with the rate but I soon got used to it. Why? Because I haven’t paid interest on any purchases since I got the card a few years ago.

They’re reporting record profits despite the economic downturn, but I’m through with helping the banks make even more with their usurious credit card rates.


Time for e‑books? Not yet.



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  1. Jessica

    I just love seeing unusual words used so naturally – and correctly! “Usurious” – excellent.

    And yeah, damn those banks! I never even know what my credit card rates are, because I never pay any interest. And I sure do like my cash back at the end of the year!

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