Twitter user @ACC3SS had something to say to to Heritage Minister James Moore regarding the upcoming copyright Bill. He did so via Twitter:

If @mpjamesmoore spent as much time writing a fair copyright bill as he spends talking about UFC, I’d have nothing to worry about!

Moore has been under some pressure not to let the Bill go down the same path as C‑61. My first reaction to this is, “Excellent! It’s working!” Moore himself replied to ACC3SS with two brief messages:

You have no idea.….


And if people waited to read things before passing judgement on them, we’d live in a better world

He’s bitching? The cheek! He’s right, though. We don’t know the specifics of what they’re planning. But whose fault is this, exactly? It’s certainly not ours. And the government would like us to wait around, given the Prime Minister’s rush to have the bill tabled and pushed through. They want to catch us napping while they pull a fast one.

We’d live in a better world if the government had our best interest at heart. They solicited public opinion and didn’t listen. I imagine they see this as much better than the last attempt at copyright reform in which the government of the day didn’t solicit public opinion and then tried to push the legislation through. They’re wrong. This is at least as bad, if not worse.

So you don’t like people speaking out against what you’re going, Mr. Moore? Excellent, we’ll keep up the good work!

ACC3SS had the perfect response to Heritage Minister Moore:

I hate to break it to you, @mpjamesmoore, but you won’t be getting a free ride on this Bill.

Damn straight.