Something’s missing, all right

I’m still getting junk mail from Rogers. I went so far as to contact the Canadian Marketing Association as their code of conduct requires them to stop sending ads if requested, and despite being a member, Rogers can’t seem to manage this simple request.

I had an extended e-mail discussion with Ed Cartwright, Senior Director of Communications for the Canadian Marketing Association. After nearly two months, he told me that Rogers assured him they’d discontinued the marketing campaign responsible for me getting the “Something’s missing. You.” ads. He was a bit abrupt so I was hoping this wasn’t merely a matter of him blowing me off. Unfortunately, it was a matter of him blowing me off. He told me in February that the campaign was over, but I’ve received three or four subsequent mailings. The last was just two weeks ago.

I was hoping the CMA would be a bit more than a feel-good lackey of the member companies, but my hope was in vain. Live and learn.

I noticed a bit of a mistake on the latest mailing they sent me, however. I’ve corrected it and I’m pleased to share it with you.


I’m done with wasting my time on them. If they want to continue to devote resources to remind me why I should never become a customer of theirs again, I’m happy to take their mailings in that spirit.

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