IMG_1099.CR2: 30D, EF 70–200mm 1:4L IS @ 200mm, 1/100, f/4, 100 ISO

IMG_1099.CR2: 30D, EF 70 – 200mm 1:4L IS @ 200mm, 1/100, f/4, 100 ISO

Yesterday morning I went to the library. As I approached my building upon my return, I saw this cranky little guy. It was sitting on a post that makes up the fence surrounding the dumpsters beside the building. I’ve never seen squirrels back there so I was surprised to see it making a spectacle of itself on top of this eight-foot post. Despite the people coming and going, it was sitting up there, making annoyed sounds. It wasn’t a momentary visit as I had time to go upstairs, change lenses, and come back down to take this photo.

It looks like a scrapper because of the chunk missing from his ear. I didn’t approach very closely because it was acting odd for a squirrel. For all I knew, it was rabid or something.