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I was at the mall last week and as I walked across the parking lot toward the grocery store, I heard furious use of a car horn. Someone coming down the lane was apparently very displeased at a pick-up truck driver who decided to turn out in front of the beeping driver. The beeper clearly thought the pick-up should have waited and pulled out behind them.

Always curious about people who make a big fuss about such little things, I watched the beeper pass.

She was clearly in a very animated phone conversation as she held her mobile phone to her ear, in clear contravention to the law banning mobile phone use while driving that came into force at the end of October 2009. But wait, she was from Québec … where a similar law went into effect more than a year earlier than in Ontario, so she surely was familiar with such laws.

Some are so quick to point out the faults of others, while they indulge their own.


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  1. Jessica

    Jonathan and I were driving in rush-hour traffic (well, he was driving and I was passengering) and he very nicely left room and signalled to a driver to let him merge onto the highway in front of us. As the other driver went past to take advantage of Jonathan’s kindness, we saw that he was jabbering away on his cell phone – which was probably why he was having such a hard time merging in the first place! I wished then that we could un-let him in.

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