I’ve just recently decided to let Googlebot and the other search engine robots in so they can index Seeking Another Alien Shore. Why not? As a result, I’ve started getting comment spam. The spammers’ automated system leave spam in the form of post comments.

Frankly, it’s weird.

An example is supposedly from Darrin Ropac, at a web site almost called http://www.example.com/how-do-i-fix-my-credit-a-easy-method-to-fix-your-own-credit-scores/. I say ‘almost’ because I changed the domain to example.com so you don’t mistakenly click it, and I don’t get the reputation for harbouring spam URLs from visiting robots that see it. I’d think it exceedingly unlikely that people would click the link of an unknown commenter who posts a ridiculous comment. I must be wrong because spammers wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work.

Why do I say the comment is ridiculous? Decide for yourself. This is the comment:

This article gives the light in which we can observe the reality. This is extremely nice 1 and gives in depth information.

The sentence structure is a mess and the person is trying to sound far smarter than they can write. The worst part is the context, however. It was a comment on the OoCQotD post about how Chewbacca can poop wherever he wants.

How would you like some in-depth information about that?