Like any other young boy, I loved cars when I was little. At the time, my dad drove a car like this one:


The photo is of a 1968 Ford Fairlane GT. My dad’s car was not a GT and therefore lacked the badge on the grille. It didn’t have sporty rims or tires with white lettering. It was a red 1968 Ford Fairlane with a black vinyl roof and a black interior. Like the car in the photo, it was a notchback coupe and not the dreadful fastback.

My most vivid memory of the car was its death, unfortunately. My dad was in a multi-car pile-up and he ploughed into the car in front of him. He was fine, but the Fairlane wasn’t so fortunate. I wasn’t with him during the accident, but I remember a tow truck delivering the car home and it was a total write-off. Sad. My dad did have a bad habit of following a little too close.

Photo by Jim Grey. He’s mobilene on Flickr.