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I missed the memo…

I use EyeTV to record television programs for later viewing, turning my Mac into a PVR. I suspected that the software allowed me to capture still images of recordings or live TV, but I’ve never been interested enough to investigate how to do it … until last week.

The software ‘over-records’ if it can, to make sure it doesn’t clip the beginning or end of a program. I sometimes get the news headlines at the end of a one hour program that starts at 10pm because the software continues to record for an extra minute or two after the program ends.

After one such program, the news reported that a Canadian couple was involved in a tragic helicopter accident in Hawaii. What had me investigate how to do capture a still of the recorded video was the map that CityTV news displayed to show where in Hawaii the accident took place.


As you can see, Lake Ontario has been relocated to Hawaii!

You’d think that would have been the lead story.


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  1. _Don

    Or has Hawaii been relocated to lake Ontario? It would be a shock to travellers in the coming months to arrive in the new climate.

    • Rick

      It’s too small to hold the island chain, at least in its present configuration. I wasn’t sure so I had to look it up and it turns out that it’s not even close! The lake is 311 km long while the island chain is 2400 km long. Rearranging the islands won’t work either as the islands have three times the surface area of the lake. Who knew?!

  2. Jessica

    Oh man, I used to spend every summer on Lake Ontario when I was a kid! Now that we’ve sold the cottage, they go and move the lake to Hawaii. I missed out! So unfair.

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