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Another Season IV

It’s been six years since I’ve commented on the latest season of television shows. This is largely because I tend to watch a number of shows and skip everything else. I’m not into TV beyond the few shows I want to watch. This is still true, perhaps even more so, but I saw I list of current shows on that includes their renewal status, and I find that I can’t help myself.

90210 – RENEWED for Season 5.

Wow! It’s been five years already? I still haven’t seen a single episode, and I plan on keeping it this way.

Alcatraz – CANCELED

Terra Nova – CANCELED

They sounded like they had potential when they debuted, so I recorded all the episodes as they aired. When I had about ten to watch, I deleted them all because they didn’t sound that interesting. Besides, with the stooges we have running the networks, shows tend to have a very short life. It seems I made the right choice.

The Big Bang Theory – RENEWED

I love this show! You might argue that it reinforces some stereotypes about nerds, but it’s done from the inside. It’s really obvious that the writers are nerds so it’s not the same sort of mean-spirited fun that typically happens. As a bonus, the science is spot-on.


I hope this program is renewed. I watched the first three seasons on Netflix as I’d never heard of it before. I’ve always loved Laura Linney. After this delightful show, I love her more.

Castle – RENEWED

An excellent show that I will not miss from week to week. I’m uneasy with the way the current season ended, however. Programs built around the sexual tension of the two lead characters tend to falter, and usually badly, when they give in and hook up. I fear for the future. The best thing Castle and Beckett can do is enjoy themselves, and the next morning, decide that what they’ve done is a mistake and go back to the way things were. The problem with this is that although it’s the best and safest course of action for the story to take, it’s really lame. I look forward to see where they take it.


And there was much rejoicing! It’s about time. Now we can be spared the indignity of watching David Caruso take of his glasses. He thinks he’s the coolest guy ever, but he’s just a big tool. I didn’t watch it, but I still was afflicted by the ads. The original Las Vegas CSI has been renewed, which I like because I usually watch it. The New York iteration has also been renewed but that’s long since left my viewing menu.

Game of Thrones – RENEWED

Duh. It’s the best thing on TV today. Of course it was renewed! If you haven’t seen it, correct that terrible mistake.

Grey’s Anatomy – RENEWED

I don’t know why, but I still enjoy this show. It’s likely a matter of getting to know the characters and being comfortable with them. I just wonder how they’ll explain keeping everyone at Seattle Grace Hospital when they’ve all accepted positions elsewhere. Will the previous season be a dream? And yea, I was really surprised that Lexi died… or rather that she stayed dead once she died.


I like this show and I don’t. All the creepy monsters are cool and how they integrate themselves into society and keep things secret is entertaining. What I don’t like is how the first season was a matter of “the monster of the week” with a loose story around it. I’m hoping they concentrate more on that story than continue with that weekly bestiary.

Law & Order: SVU – RENEWED

I still watch and enjoy this program, and the dramatic change in feeling caused by Christopher Meloni is a welcome change, but the show doesn’t have a tight focus any more, it seems. I suspect it won’t last long, now.

New Girl – RENEWED

This show is typical of how I feel about most television. I’m just not all that drawn to watch it. The difference with this one is that once I do watch it, I really enjoy myself. I tend to let a half-dozen episodes accumulate, then watch them all in the space of a few days. I’m glad it’ll be back, but I’d shrug if it wasn’t. That’s more my feeling about television than the program itself. Of course this is true… how can you not like Zooey Deschanel? Yum!

Once Upon A Time – RENEWED

I’m so pleased! The concept of this program wasn’t a lock for me, but the execution is excellent. I’ll be there next year.


Those fuck-wads at ABC are the lowest form of life. What were they thinking? It’s like they figured out the best way to dick with me and went full-speed-ahead with the plan. Assholes. Now where am I going to get me some Kelli Garner? Shit. Did I mention that I’m pissed?

True Blood – RENEWED

Another HBO home-run. I never would have believed how much I love this show. I’m not so interested in vampires in particular. But this is another example of how the story and the characters make the show. You’d think the other networks might have managed to pick up on this by now. The only fly in the ointment is that HBO charges so damn much for the shows whether on DVD, Blu-ray, or iTunes.

The Walking Dead – RENEWED

A small group of people tries to survive after 99.9% of people turn into zombies. What’s not to like? I still haven’t seen the currently ending season and I’m chomping at the bit. C’mon Netflix, help me out here!


They’re still making this? The show lost me after the city burned down and they all had to move. Nancy changed. She turned into a person that I didn’t particularly like so I stopped watching.

The biggest surprise in looking through the list of programs on was the sheer number that I’d never heard of, much less watched. For the most part, I feel no loss at all. I mean seriously, Whisker Wars? Better to limit one’s exposure to the highly uneven quality of this medium. It’s largely a waste of time beyond the few gems it presents.


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  1. Des

    You need to give ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Dexter’, ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and ‘Person of Interest’ all a try.

  2. Jonathan


    Unless I am mistaken, after at the wife was kidnapped, he DONS his glasses and intones ” the miss was taken”…


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