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Today was an odd day.

Yesterday I returned to town after visiting my family. We had a party for my mom to celebrate her eightieth birthday!

Today however, I slept in and puttered around for most of the day. I’m at work on a typical Friday but this is not a typical Friday because I was laid off last week.

I asked if it was because of me and they told me that they’d like nothing more than to keep me but there’s a re-organization planned so my services are no longer required. Fair enough.

It’s funny, but when I really thought about it, being out of work is not my greatest dread. It’s looking for another job. The process is such a meat-grinder, you know? But that won’t stop me. I like food and shelter, thank you very much!

Thinking back, it’s hard to believe that I’ve been there for seven years. Consider my mind boggled.

Meanwhile, in the present, I’m pleased with my current standing. I have severance and savings to live on while I search for paid employment. Indeed, I’m in a much better place now than any other time I’ve needed to look for work.

I’m looking at this change as a positive thing even though I didn’t begin the process.




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  1. Shawn

    I know you will find something. Good luck

  2. Dee

    Ugh — yes, looking for work is a pain! I hope you find something to your liking quickly, Rick!

  3. Ryan

    Any company worth its weight in salt needs “the Pali”. You just need to let them know…your mature and constructive perspective will serve you well as you look around.

    If you are up for socializing, you know where to find us tonight!

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