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Drystone Wall


She looked at me across the table and said,

Do you want my pink bits?






  1. Shawn

    Hell yes. Only a fool would say no

  2. Jessica

    Hee hee! Even though I do know the context, it still reminds me of the movie “Kuffs” with Christian Slater. He’s sending flowers to a lady friend and he asks the florist to write the message: “Kisses on all your pink bits” (or something to that effect). The florist, a lady herself, gives him a very disapproving look. He changes the message, but I don’t remember to what. Obviously nothing very noteworthy!

  3. Jessica

    Sorry, it’s “parts.” “Love and kisses to all your pink parts.” At least according to my highly scientific Interwebtubes research. Still, I was pretty close for a movie that came out (eep!) 20 years ago.

    • Rick

      Considering the time that has elapsed, you certainly do not need to say sorry! Where does the time go, eh?

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