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You know how nutty the Internet is, right? You open a browser to look something up. Ten minutes later, you still haven’t seen what you wanted to look up because you followed a bunch of interesting links in a trail that you can’t even remember.

Well, this is exactly what happened to me. Again.

Listening to CBC Radio One, I heard a teaser for As it Happens about a Vermont school’s ban on wearing skin-tight leggings with nothing over them. My first thought was, “Whaaaat?” I had to go look it up. On my way however, I thought I’d better look up ‘leggings’ to make sure they are what I think they are. If there’s anything true about women and things involving women, it’s that a surprise or misunderstanding often leaves me embarrassed, so I wanted to make sure.

You’ll be happy to know that leggings are exactly what I thought they were. You will also be entirely unsurprised to learn that I do not agree with banning skin-tight leggings anywhere I might see them.

I found myself at the Black Milk Clothing site. They make leggings in addition to other articles of women’s clothing, none of which seem designed to fit loosely. But the leggings aren’t the reason behind this entry. Rather, it’s bathing suits. These two in particular:


Have I mentioned that I enjoy a penchant for nerdy women? I doubt that I have to.

Images copyright Black Milk Clothing.


Snowy neighbourhood


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  1. Shawn

    I would buy a matching pair any day. Models included I hope.

  2. Ryan

    impressive… most impressive.

  3. Kathleen M.

    I love Star Wars, but those suits are damned ugly. Even the skinny chicks wearing them look awkward in them. Rick, you are a tease. A tease, sir.

    • Rick

      Well Kat, we’ll just have to agree to disagree. And I’ll make sure to not get you one of those suits!

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