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From a chat earlier today:

Blearf [I] just tried coconut water.

Tastes like a tree.  An ass tree

As for myself, I can only enjoy coconut in my sister’s macaroons. Otherwise no, a thousand times no.


Yuja Wang


Farmer’s Market


  1. Kathleen M.

    Hahaha! An “ass tree” huh? My memories of coconut water involve Dad puncturing an actual coconut for us, and drinking down the sweetness greedily. Maybe someone prancked you?

    • Jessica

      My dad used to do the same thing! It was always a big treat. He’d drive a nail into one of the 3 little indentations at the end of the coconut and drain the water for us to drink (after removing the nail, obviously), then smash that bugger up so we could eat the pieces. Delicious! I’ll have to go get a coconut to show Ferguson how it’s done, son.

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