I’m here watching Formula 1 racing for the first time in about a decade and it’s lovely! But that’s not what this is about.

During the race, I was surprised to note a Chevrolet ad regarding the 2014 Cruze diesel. Being who I am, I immediately looked it up. This is the first domestic diesel car since the 1970s and those were such disasters that they’re not worth taking about. Could we perhaps hope they’ll do it right this time? Despite my skepticism, reading that the engine itself is designed and assembled in Europe is a positive sign because the Europeans certainly know a thing or two about diesel automobile engines!

Then it all fell apart. The only transmission offered is a 6‑speed automatic. Thanks, but I’m not interested. It also doesn’t help that Chevrolet offers no fuel economy numbers.

Given that the Cruze diesel is $26,545 ($24,945 MSRP + $1,600 freight), I’d take the Jetta Comfortline TDI for $25,585 ($24,190.00 MSRP + $1,395.00 freight) to get the 6‑speed manual I want, and save $1,000 as a bonus.