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If the future is about ignoring the customer, maybe

I went to Future Shop today. I was never impressed with the two that I’ve visited more than a few times in Ottawa, but I thought I should give this newly local (to me) location a chance.

I have a Western Digital external drive that has what I thought was a proprietary connector, but I was pleased to discover that it is in fact a standard USB 3.0 cable with a micro connector on the drive end, properly called a micro‑B connector. No need to pursue Western Digital, I can get a replacement anywhere. Future Shop is the closest ‘anywhere,’ so I went there this afternoon.

All of the computer cables were in one place, but not only were about a third of the hangers empty, the remaining selection was ridiculously poor. Exactly how many standard (IEC 60320 with C14 coupler) power cables do people need, really? It looked like they simply hadn’t restocked since before last Christmas. I looked and looked, and widened my search to the adjacent rows with no luck. As I searched, I watched for available sales-people I could query, but the ones I saw were helping others.

Finally, I gave up and cast a wider gaze to find any free staff within visual range. I saw two talking up a storm in the adjacent phone department. Turning 90° I saw two others talking up another storm two rows away in the tablet department. Perhaps I didn’t appear worthy of help? I don’t know.

They sure seemed to have plenty of time to talk amongst themselves. Far be it from me to interrupt their important business so I thought, “screw this crap” and I walked out.

You’d think they’d be very aware of the danger of the far more convenient Internet retailers. Well, I’m sure the management is aware of the danger, but they don’t pay their staff enough to care. It’s penny wise and pound foolish. Don’t spend millions on marketing to get me in the door and then not care enough about what I see when I go through that door to close the deal.

It’s a dramatic failure of what I like to call, “giving a shit.”






  1. WTL

    This is why I pretty much only go to the Canada Computers on Rideau (near where I live). Decent staff, and will help me find anything I need. And while they are a chain, they aren’t a big-box store chain.

    • Rick

      I go to Canada Computers, too. They certainly have a better selection, and better prices. My issue is I’m no longer in Ottawa, and while there is a location within a reasonable distance, it’s nowhere near as convenient as I’d like. That said, I’ve experienced this same issue at Canada Computers…largely the few times I was at the Kanata location, but to no where near this degree!

  2. Cathy

    I see a lot of the young people’s attitude that says “I’m here aren’t I? What else do you want of me?!!!”

    I am however, thankful that not all young people have this attitude but sadly a lot do in the working world!

    • Brad

      The other thing I often see is a cell phone ready in their hand waiting for a chance to use it when no one is looking.

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