Welcome to the latest addition to my Forza 5 garage, the 1969 Boss 302 Ford Mustang, in Spartan Assault livery. I’m just launching from the start line of the Top Gear test track in Dunsfold.

Isn’t she pretty?

To my great amusement, image capture within Forza 5 is far more ‘photographic’ than I ever expected. One uses the two thumbsticks to move around and toward or away from the vehicle. Straight-forward, right? What I wasn’t expecting is that one can also set the aperture and shutter-speed! These aren’t absolute values of proper f‑stops and fractions of a second, but rather a slider of small/large and fast/slow, respectively. The reason absolute values are not required is because the exposure not coupled to the aperture and shutter speed. That is, you set the exposure with the exposure slider, the amount of motion-blur with the shutter speed slider, and the depth of field with the aperture slider. Totally bizarre, but very convenient!