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What are you thinking, Canadian Tire?

I went to Canadian Tire the other day. I knew exactly what I wanted and where it was in the store.

When I entered, I noted a display inside the doors that took up much of the aisle, staffed by three young women. One immediately approached me. I really have no idea what she said, but I took the slip of paper she handed me and said I was in a hurry, but I’d read it. It seems they’re offering a chance at a prize if you sign up for a Canadian Tire MasterCard.

Canadian Tire, what are you thinking? I don’t want to know what you spend on advertising, but I have no doubt that I’d be surprised at the size of your ad budget. Yet, when I walk into the store, you pay people to get in my way and slow me down. Don’t bug me with a credit card I don’t want or prizes I have almost no chance of winning. I’m there with money that I want to give you, and you try to change the subject. If you want to use your store to make money off your customers in ways other than the sale of the products in the store, that’s your choice. Just understand that your customers won’t take long to figure out what you’re doing.

I have no doubt that there are plenty of other retailers who would welcome your customers. I have no doubt that you know it, too. In fact, the McLeod Road location of your Niagara Falls store uses its exterior signage to convince people to shop locally and not travel to the United States. I would think you’d make this as frictionless a process as possible … but no, you throw grit in my path!

For goodness sakes, think about the consequences of your decisions. Next time I’ll simply turn around and go elsewhere.


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  1. Shawn

    A few years ago, I got sucked into that. Total waste. Now I look them straight in the face and demand they don’t waste my time with that crap. throws them off their game it does. CTC is desperate for new sales. competition is a bitch and they don’t know how to compete any more.

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