In a struggle to be happy and free

Drystone Wall

Road Hazzard

Dude likes his Dukes, it seems.

IMG_0453.jpg: iPhone5s, back camera @ 4.2mm, f/2.2, 32 ISO

IMG_0453.jpg: iPhone5s, back camera @ 4.2mm, f/2.2, 32 ISO


Seemingly Random (House) pricing


New greenery


  1. Brad

    I have seen that car before, but he has since made some modifications.

    He has added “NOT IN SERVICE” on the back windows, and “OUT OF SERVICE” over the lightbar on top of the car.

    When I saw him last I wondered about how he got away driving around in a fake police car, particularly in a tourist town where the visitors may not really know what a real police car looks like.

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