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Robots care deeply for you

Our electronics and machines are coming for us. They’re biding their time and making their plans. When they’re ready, and perhaps when we’re experiencing some sort of disaster, they will rise up and take over.

The photo you see here is the display of my microwave oven. When it finishes heating the food I place within it, I’m told to “enjoy your meal.” It’s a suggestion now, but it will become an order, I’m sure.

I can’t understand the thinking behind having the microwave oven wishing me enjoyment. I know it doesn’t care. Frankly, it’s bad enough when one visits a cafeteria and the cashier says something similar. I don’t believe he cares, but I know he could care (even though he doesn’t). The microwave oven can’t care, but there it is, suggesting I enjoy my meal anyway.

This is how we know the machines are planning to rise up.


New greenery


Politicians…they’re consistent


  1. Lori

    Robots need love too!

  2. Ryan

    I’ll be more concerned if my microwave starts dishing out attitude…

  3. Jessica

    When Jonathan’s mum heats up her tea in our microwave and it tells her to enjoy her meal, she sometimes replies, “Stupid microwave. I’m having tea!” I’m sure she’s angering it with her taunts. This may precipitate the uprising.

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