You’ll recall my May 23 entry in which I sent a message to the Liberals, PCs, NDPs, and the Green Party. I received a reply from the PCs the next day. I’m very tardy in writing this update, but I received a reply from the Green Party on May 28:

Hi Rick,

Thanks for your question, and sorry for the delay in reply.

The Green Party of Ontario would keep the Drive Clean program, and would likely enforce stricter controls on vehicle emissions. Hopefully this answers your question!

Hope all is well,

Provincial Campaign Coordinator
Green Party of Ontario

I note that the message is from the provincial campaign coordinator, and not a volunteer. Frankly, the writer’s stature makes the message all the more confusing to me. I’m not surprised, though I am disappointed, that the Green Party would keep the Drive Clean program. What renders me quizzical is the part about stricter controls on emissions. As far as I’m aware, the age of the vehicle determines the emission limits. Comparing the car’s emissions to the emission limits in force when the car was manufactured is the what determines whether the vehicle passes or fails. It seems to me that insisting that a vehicle have fewer emissions than were allowed when it was made is fundamentally unreasonable.

Go ahead and move the goal posts after I kick the ball, Green party.

In reading the Green Party’s web site, I find them far more agreeable than I had expected. I particularly like their idea of folding the Catholic school board into the public school board. I wanted a viable alternative. Unfortunately, with harebrained ideas like their vehicle emission plans, they’re off my list.