A woman who I follow online recently wrote:

I love it when guys at the bars try to sound smart and talk to me about physics. And then they make complete idiots out of themselves because they have no idea that I know everything coming out of their mouth is completely wrong.

Random dude: “Yeah I’m into advanced physics. Do you know what the speed of darkness is?”

Me: “c”

Him: “No it’s the speed of light.”

Me: “…”

Guys pull idiotic crap like that? And at bars?

While this is certainly a step beyond, it reminds me that I can not stand people who are incapable of admitting they are wrong, or that they don’t know something. I find this is more common with men, as if admitting that you don’t know something is somehow unmanly.

Honesty and straightforwardness is absolutely manly. If you are entirely unable to simply admit that you don’t know something, you’re not a man, you’re a child in an adult’s body. And an ass.