Remember in January when the Joyce Morocco for MPP campaign kept calling me despite my repeated instruction to not call me? She didn’t have the votes to make the leap from city councillor to MPP so she’s running for a seat on city council again.

Guess who called this evening? I heard the phone ring so later in the evening, I asked my mom if my sister had called. She said it was “that Joyce woman” for city council. Amused, I asked what she said. My mom answered, “Oh, I don’t know … and the woman wouldn’t stop talking so after a few minutes, I just hung up.” I’m still amused.

I also dashed off a quick message:

From: Rick Pali <>
Subject: Do not call.
Date: October 8, 2014 at 10:16:54 PM EDT


My phone number is (xxx) xxx-xxxx and I’m asking you politely not to call again.

When you ran for MPP, you called and I wrote you requesting that you not call. You called again. Then you called a third time. Seeing that you were unable to listen to my simple and reasonable request, you did not make the list of candidates that were in the running for my vote. If you won’t listen to my request, how can you possibly represent me?

Perhaps this time you can find it within yourself to not call as I’m requesting.


I’m hoping she’s turned over a new leaf. I’m also not holding my breath.

These politicians kill me. They’re all about how they’re representing you and they’re there for you … until they want something, then they don’t want to hear what you want.