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Weed Man thinks you’re stupid

The doorbell rang earlier this afternoon. Upon answering it, I greeted a young man with a tablet. He told me that he was with Weed Man and the company would be calling me soon to describe their lawn care services. He may have said more, but he was talking so quickly that it was an audible blur. What I did hear is that he wanted my phone number so they could call the right place.

I told him I was not interested and began to let the door close. He explained that if I wasn’t interested, he still needed my phone number so that when they called, I could simply ignore it and they’d remove my number from their calling list.

I don’t think so, pal. With the do-not-call list, they’re not supposed to call me at all, unless I give them permission, or have a business arrangement with them. As soon as I give them my number, I’m certain that they would claim I’ve given permission. Is trickery really the best way to start a business relationship, Weed Man?

Even ignoring the do-not-call list, they need my number so they can call the right place and when I don’t answer, they’ll delete my number? What?

It sounds like the Weed Man is overdoing a different kind of weed.

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  1. Jessica

    Hm, maybe the company’s policy is different where you live. When the teenage Weed Man rep came to my door, all I had to tell him was that I don’t spend money to put stuff on my lawn, and he thanked me and scooted off to the next house. As my son would say, “What for they need my phone number?”

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