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Drystone Wall

About this whole Volkswagen scandal…

…throughout the world, in countless firms big and small, any suggestion to bend the rules, dilute quality, or deceive the public will be silenced by cries of “Volkswagen,” German for “only idiots lie to customers.”

VW hits a wall” National Post, September 23, 2015

This sums it up quite nicely.

I have a VW, though it was manufactured before this ‘problem’ was designed into their cars. Right now, I feel like there’s no way in hell that I’ll buy another Volkswagen product. Over time I’m certain this view will soften because there are no other real options in diesel cars. What about the Chevy Cruze diesel, you say? Like I said, there are no other real options in diesel cars. I doubt my view will soften enough to engage in such a large purchase from a company that straight-out lied so egregiously. It’s shameful and they don’t seem terribly shamed.

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  1. Shawn Greenberg

    Have to disagree. This does not sway my commitment to the brand. I will buy another one in the future.

  2. Rick Pali

    How can you even begin to trust them? Sure they’re really sorry, but they’ve been doing this for six years now, having planned to deceive for all that time.

    • Shawn Greenberg

      i don’t trust them, nor do I trust any of the others out there. They all do the very same thing.

  3. Rick

    The Chevy ignition fiasco was certainly worse in its effects, with people having died, but this was worse in its conception. It wasn’t an accident or problem they decided to cover up. It was a plan to deceive their customers from the very beginning. The more I think about it, the less I see they deserve any trust.

  4. Shawn Greenberg

    You type too fast! To continue, this ‘cheating’ on govt regulations which really extends to fuel consumption has been going on for years by all of them.

  5. Shawn Greenberg

    As I said before, the stuff we see that the consumer doesn’t would melt your eyes. This one, while large, pales in comparison to some other stuff.

  6. Rick

    Fair enough, but not knowing what you know, I’m still really put off VW. Maybe that’ll change over time, maybe not. If I were to be in the market now, I’d look elsewhere, even if just because they did it so poorly, and were so egregious about it.

  7. Rick

    Exactly some of the things you were talking about, Shawn:

    • Shawn Greenberg

      yup, this is some of the nonsense happening. and on mileage numbers, keep in mind that ethanol blends of gas get lower mileage that pure gas, so if they are using some secret blend, there is no way to come close on the street. as for Diesel, a higher cetane rating might show better numbers that what you can get at the pump.

    • Shawn Greenberg

      The there is the whole mess of know failures that are kept secret.

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