About this whole Volkswagen scandal…

…throughout the world, in countless firms big and small, any suggestion to bend the rules, dilute quality, or deceive the public will be silenced by cries of “Volkswagen,” German for “only idiots lie to customers.”

National Post View, “VW hits a wall
September 23, 2015
National Post

This sums it up quite nicely.

I have a VW, though it was manufactured before this ‘problem’ was designed into their cars. Right now, I feel like there’s no way in hell that I’ll buy another Volkswagen product. Over time I’m certain this view will soften because there are no other real options in diesel cars. What about the Chevy Cruze diesel, you say? Like I said, there are no other real options in diesel cars. I doubt my view will soften enough to engage in such a large purchase from a company that straight-out lied so egregiously. It’s shameful and they don’t seem terribly shamed.

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