It’s not exactly breaking news, but Miley Cyrus is feeling that she hasn’t been treated fairly. You see, she frequently performs half-nude and is criticized for it. Then Taylor Swift came out with her Bad Blood video and nobody batted an eye. Swift isn’t in any state of undress, but rather Cyrus criticizes her for promoting violence, which say claims is far worse that nudity.

In a nutshell, Swift’s video is about betrayal. She and her crew are in the midst of a robbery. Swift gets her hands on the briefcase that’s the object of the heist just to have her fellow robber, Selena Gomez, betray her by grabbing the briefcase and pushing her out a window. The bulk of the video is then about Swift assembling a force of women to go against Gomez’s gang and settle things. We’re introduced to Swift’s group one or two at a time as they train for the confrontation. Then at the end, the two groups meet up, and the video fades to black just before things get started.

There’s no gunplay in the video and the only violence we see is a number of sparring sessions, and some fighting involving punching and kicking very reminiscent of what you might see in a Xena: Warrior Princess battle. About this, Cyrus says, “And I’m a bad role model because I’m running around with my titties out? I’m not sure how titties are worse than guns.”†

Even ignoring that no gun violence appears in Swift’s video, Cyrus’s issues are not correctly directed at Swift. Rather her problem is with her society in general. It’s not Swift who determines what upsets people.

And I’d further suggest to Cyrus that if she wants to be taken seriously, she use adult language. Titties? That’s ridiculous, not edgy.

†“Miley Cyrus blasts Taylor Swift” posted August 8, 2015 on