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Canadian news and guns

I watched CHCH news this evening and one reporter was on location showing viewers where a crime took place. She described where the accused jumped out of a vehicle with a shotgun and shot the victim. A moment later, she explained that the bullet grazed the victim’s neck.

Again, Canadian news people show how little they seem to know about guns. In this case you likely know that shotguns do not shoot bullets. Generally, shotgun shooters load their weapons with either slugs or shot. In my fact-checking for this post I learned that shotguns also shoot a plethora of projectiles (including flechettes, for goodness sakes) but shot and slugs are, by a vast margin, the most common shotgun projectiles. Regardless, none of those possible projectiles are bullets.

I was going to ask why these people don’t look up the things they don’t know, but I suspect the problem is bigger than that. They don’t even know that they don’t know! And to think, they’re informing us?

Details from “Shotgun,” posted on Wikipedia, retrieved December 15, 2015


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  1. Shawn

    Why should they educate themselves when they can get paid the same to do crap work

    • Rick

      The crying shame is there is not another news outfit that we can turn to, to get it right on a regular basis.

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